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  • City Church International

    City Church International was started on the 4 June 2004 by Rob and Glenda Rufus.

    The first meeting was held in their home in Sai Kung with eighteen people in attendance. It met there for next three months growing steadily until the house became too small to hold everyone. CCI then moved into the Hi-Tech center in Kowloon Bay. There it continued to grow, reaching both local Chinese people and foreigners alike.

    The headphone translation system was first introduced there but in recent times we have moved to up front translation for the entire service as a means to reach more local Chinese people. After two years of being in the Hi-Tech center we decided to move again to a more central location that would serve us better. We relocated to Yau Ma Tei, to meet in a theatre in the YWCA main hall on Man Fuk Road. We are currently around 100-150 members made up of an equal amount of local Chinese people and foreigners.

  • Kingdom Life Ministries

    Arthur & Cathy Meintjes have a passion to see leaders established in the grace, love, mercy & peace of God. Kingdom Life Ministries International was born out of a desire to see leaders in many spheres of life established in this message of grace & goodness. Knowing that you are accepted & loved will change your life forever! & enable YOU to reach out to others with this wonderful news. Arthur & Cathy travel throughout the world preaching the Gospel of Peace, God's unconditional love & mercy to build, repair & restore those who are suffering & broken-hearted.Kingdom Life Ministries International was birthed out of a need we saw for people to have self-worth, dignity, acceptance and peace as well as a desire to know why they are on this earth. We have a passion to affect nations across the world with the GOOD NEWS of the grace, peace and loving-kindness of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • Revival Alliance
  • Continuum TV
    Continuum brings you reports as we plant Victory churches across Asia and raise godly children in our El Shaddai children\'s homes. Our mission is to connect you to your Great Commission destiny in hard to reach nations. Missionaries and national leaders are uncompromisingly accompanying Jesus into hard places across Asia to bring you first-hand reports from His point of view.
  • Tree of Life Church
    Tree of Life Church has branches (pun intended) in Dagenham, Guildford and Watford - with more to follow. We are a dynamic and lively church, that believe that everything we do should be based on the completed work of Christ. Our goal is to plant churches that are full of the Word, full of the Spirit, full of love and full of the nations - making disciples who dream big dreams.

    Our pastor Benjamin has been a Christian for nearly twenty years and has a ministry of teaching that is engaging and inspiring. He has seen miracles and signs and wonders in three continents and believes passionately that every Christian has a dream and a destiny inside them which can be unlocked with the Word of God.
  • Victory Church Rugeley

    Victory Christian Centre was founded in 1992 as the first \'Victory Churches International\' apostolic church plant in the UK. VCC is community focused and has a heart for people of all ages helping them to develop a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to find their destiny and purpose, and fulfil their potential. VCC believes in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the ability of God to transform lives for His Glory through the resurrection power of the cross. VCC believe it is important to have a vision, which is TO REACH; TO TEACH; TO MOBILISE Luke 1:17 "make ready a people prepared for the Lord" The bible teaches that God created man in His image and therefore everyone has something to contribute and has a special place in His family.

  • Ryan Rufus
    We are Ryan and Kylie Rufus. We're currently based in Hong Kong where we are full time
    pastors at City Church International, led by my (Ryan's) parents Rob and Glenda Rufus.
    We arrived here in March 2005. We don't know how it happened but we are also the
    founders of New Nature Publications, a publishing house that produces books and
    worship albums that are 100 percent rooted in the Gospel of Grace. We are amazed at
    the profile God is giving us around the world and they way New Nature is growing in
    stature. We've been fortunate to have published works by the likes of Andrew Wommack,
    Joshua Mills, Benjamin Dunn, Arther Meintjes, John Crowder, Fini de Gersigny, Rob
    Rufus, Lucas Miles, Cornel Marais and many others.

    We were married in July 1997 at just the ages of nineteen! (We know!) We have walked
    through many challenges and obstacles over this time but happy to report that we are
    ridiculously in love with each other like little teenagers! We have four stunning children,
    Renae, Chloe, Kimberly and Asher. They are four amazing gifts from God. It's a wild ride,
    but worth every moment for the intense love that children awaken in your heart.

    I (Ryan) have been privileged to have currently written 3 books "Extra Virgin Grace",
    "Sanctification by Grace" and "Do Christians Still Have a Sinful Nature?" that are selling
    worldwide and touching many lives. What an honor! We have an assignment from God
    to show Christians there salvation by showing them what truly took place when they
    got born again and how that impacts their life now. Through a dream I (Ryan) received
    this assignment that was to re-present the doctrines of regeneration and sanctification
    through the New Covenant lenses of grace. Our ministry is to bring Christians into rest
    and a deeper intimacy with Jesus. Between us we like to flow in the anointing, set the
    captives free, minister in the gifts of the Spirit, prophecy, interpret dreams, heal the
    sick and go after the lost. We feel called to Hong Kong to build City Church and see it
    become a large and powerful church that impacts Hong Kong and the world! Most of
    our time is spent ministering in Hong Kong but we do occasionally travel internationally
    for ministry. We perceive that this will increase a lot more into the future and are
    preparing for it.
  • Catch The Fire
    Catch The Fire is a family of churches and ministries worldwide that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in 1994. Today Catch The Fire encompasses a growing network of churches, a college with International Schools of Ministry, a missions program and events running all over the world.
  • Oasnet

    About Us

    Grace to the world – inspires and unites the people of the Oasis Network (aka “OasNet”).  Utilizing 7 distinct priorities, we exist to reach individuals with the message of God’s unconditional love and grace.  What started as a grassroots church planting cooperative, has now grown into a multifaceted international organization that works to equip and service leaders all over the globe – from pastors in local churches to entertainers in Hollywood.  So whether you are a church planter looking to join the leading grace-based church planting movement in the world, a stay-at-home mom looking for an encouraging podcast to listen to, a native missionary taking the gospel to the streets of South Sudan, a CEO seeking faith-based personal development and life coaching, or a recording artist in need of trustworthy representation – the Oasis Network is here to help!  Through the vehicle of OasNet, people throughout the earth continue to receive the life, love, and freedom that God offers through His Son, Jesus Christ.

     Our Message

    Good news. But not just good news, extremely good news. That’s what the Gospel is!  It’s a message of how God loves us completely independent from what we do, how we act, or how hard we try. “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast” (Ephesians 2:8). Not one of us is worthy of salvation, but God in His goodness gave it to us as a gift, and all we have to do is receive it. In its simplest form; that’s the Gospel. No matter where we are, whether we’re sick, confused, hurt, tired, young, or old, the Gospel is extremly good news. Jesus said, “I come to give you life, and life to the full.” And we believe that’s what you’ll experience at the Oasis Network–a life full of healing, love, comfort, freedom, and most of all, true relationship with a loving God.

  • Dynamic Love Ministries
    There is nothing greater than God's love for us; it's the most powerful force known by man. The gospel is not about what we must do for God but about what He has done for us through Jesus Christ on the Cross.

    I, Bertie Brits, welcome you to be enriched by the message of Grace, Mercy and Love. Enjoy listening to these messages knowing that you are the apple of God's eye. He loves you, He truly does.
  • God Stories

    ' And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony' Revelation 12 verse 11


    We know that personal God stories and testimonies are powerful and always brings life and hope to others when we share them. Be richly encouraged as you view these amazing testimonies taken from all walks of life that wanted to share on what God has been doing in their lives! We pray that as people watch these, their hearts will be open to receive the miracles, healings, wisdom and revelation for all situations and needs! If you have received a miracle or healing in your life through watching these stories, please tell us at

    Thank you to all those who have contributed these God stories, you are a blessing!

    All music and sound tracks on testimony videos are by :

    Julian and Melissa Wiggins (

    Charlie and Jill LeBlanc (

    Revival Alliance Live Worship (

  • Always Loved

    Love is most difficult to define, yet we all recognize it. It is a beauty that never submits itself to any form of control, yet freely gives itself to all who are ready to simply be overwhelmed. There is no better way to inspire love than to love extravagantly and creatively. Our books, music, videos and ministry events are part of our strategy to creatively and clearly communicate this love. This love is not some abstract, theoretical utopian dream – it has very relevant implications for this life: reducing violence, restorative justice, forgiveness and respect for all creation.

    Andre and Mary-Anne Rabe have been passionate communicators of the good news of Jesus Christ since 1990. Their message has taken them to some of the most obscure corners of the earth as well as to some of the most well known cities. Whether it’s a small group or a large church, whether its an academic audience or a charismatic party – to inspire love remains equally relevant.