Between Two Covenants - Part 4

By Kingdom Life Ministries

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Kingdom Life Ministries

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Arthur & Cathy Meintjes have a passion to see leaders established in the grace, love, mercy & peace of God. Kingdom Life Ministries International was born out of a desire to see leaders in many spheres of life established in this message of grace & goodness. Knowing that you are accepted & loved will change your life forever! & enable YOU to reach out to others with this wonderful news. Arthur & Cathy travel throughout the world preaching the Gospel of Peace, God's unconditional love & mercy to build, repair & restore those who are suffering & broken-hearted.Kingdom Life Ministries International was birthed out of a need we saw for people to have self-worth, dignity, acceptance and peace as well as a desire to know why they are on this earth. We have a passion to affect nations across the world with the GOOD NEWS of the grace, peace and loving-kindness of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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