To Know As You Have Always Been Known.

By Always Loved

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Always Loved

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Love is most difficult to define, yet we all recognize it. It is a beauty that never submits itself to any form of control, yet freely gives itself to all who are ready to simply be overwhelmed. There is no better way to inspire love than to love extravagantly and creatively. Our books, music, videos and ministry events are part of our strategy to creatively and clearly communicate this love. This love is not some abstract, theoretical utopian dream – it has very relevant implications for this life: reducing violence, restorative justice, forgiveness and respect for all creation.

Andre and Mary-Anne Rabe have been passionate communicators of the good news of Jesus Christ since 1990. Their message has taken them to some of the most obscure corners of the earth as well as to some of the most well known cities. Whether it’s a small group or a large church, whether its an academic audience or a charismatic party – to inspire love remains equally relevant.

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